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Hi there! I'm Sameer

I'm currently a graduate student at Northeastern University in Boston, pursuing a Master's degree in Information Systems. Originally from India, I completed my Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering at KLE Technological University in Hubli. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of working with renowned companies such as, Arisglobal, and Amazon, where I honed my expertise in software development and cloud computing. At Northeastern, I'm dedicated to upskilling and expanding my knowledge base. I'm deeply engaged in refining my skills in software design, full-stack development, and mastering algorithms and problem-solving techniques. Beyond my professional pursuits, I'm passionate about photography and exploring new destinations through travel. Capturing moments and immersing myself in different cultures fuels my creativity and enriches my perspective. I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and am always eager to collaborate with fellow professionals. Let's connect and embark on exciting journeys together!

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Cloud Associate (Jul 2022 - Jun 2023)

  • Applied advanced troubleshooting techniques to provide unique solutions to AWS global customers’
  • Extensively worked on critical, highly complex customer problems that may span multiple AWS services
  • Strong understanding of support processes – SLA, handling tickets, monitoring, processes and metrics.
  • Tools and Technologies used: AWS EC2, AWS IAM, AWS RDS, AWS VPC, CloudFormation, ControlTower.


Associate Software Engineer (Nov 2021 - Jun 2022)

  • Contributed to the development and implementation of features for the LS-RIMS regulatory software product, utilizing agile methodologies for efficient iteration and delivery.
  • Implemented user stories and features using Agile methodologies, ensuring alignment with project goals and timelines.
  • Collaborated with product managers and QA engineers to prioritize feature development and resolve issues in LS-RIMS.
  • Tools and Technologies used: Java, PostgreSQL, Spring Framework, jQuery, Git, Maven, JUnit, Hibernate, RESTful APIs, Docker

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TalentHive - MERN Stack Application

  • Innovated a talent acquisition platform applying TypeScript, Node.js, HTML, and SCSS, featuring CRUD functionality, JWT token integration, multilingual support (French), Real-time Chatting and RESTAPI built with Express.js and MongoDB
  • Integrated React.js for a responsive UI and used Redis for optimized data retrieval through caching
  • Technologies: ReactJS, Redux JS, HTML, CSS, Sass, MongoDB, TypeScript, JavaScript, RESTApi, Node.js, Express.js

Java-Driven Precision: Transforming Healthcare Management

  • Developed a sophisticated healthcare application leveraging core Java and Swing UI for a seamless user experience.
  • Incorporated payment system to make payments for appointments and medications directly through the platform.
  • Implemented a robust role-based authentication system for secure access control, safeguarding sensitive patient data.
  • Technologies: Java, Db4o, Swing UI, Data Structures and Algorithms

Self-localisation of an autonomous vehicle using particle filter algorithm

  • Implemented efficient memory management, reducing memory-related errors and achieving a 17% improvement in overall algorithm performance
  • Optimized data structures and implemented parallelization techniques, resulting in a 30% increase in computational efficiency without sacrificing accuracy
  • Technologies: Python, Data Structures and Algorithms, Memory management, Microcontrollers, Linux
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